In 2004 one of his side projects was taken into fifth gear by Virgin Atlantic, a curated gallery project called ‘Design for Chunks’ (DFC). This online cult gallery of sickbags found its way onto the entire global fleet of planes as a limited run of half a million bags. They can still be found on eBay in collectors areas. It inspired Virgin to create Star Wars sickbags immediately after DFC bags had been onboard (Wikipedia).

In 2008 Oz held his first major exhibition at MTV Gallery in Sydney. It was a truly mixed medium show with a range of work that was illustrated and printed on Giclee paper, sewn onto stretched canvas, shaped as vinyl toys or poured as resin resulting in a sculpture, 'Slicy Poles', that encapsulated the Australian summer.

In mid 2008 Oz became a father and Creative Director effectively pressing pause on any art for arts sake work. Eight years on and it’s time to create again.

forcefeed:swede is the artist alias of Sydney based Creative Director Oz Dean

forcefeed:swede began as an early career outlet for Oz to create work outside of work, without a brief or client. A place to learn fast and develop a style.

It quickly evolved into a persona where he was able to collaborate with other artists, being pushed to deliver each project at a quality as high as the artist he was working with. Oz collaborated with digital design greats such as Niko Stumpo, Meomi (Octonauts), Furi Furi and many more. Supporters and partners during the early years were design style leaders such as K10K, Design is Kinky, Australian INfront, Basefield, Pixelsurgeon and BD4D.

Oz works across a broad spectrum of the creative space. T shirts, toys & snowboards are just some of the items he has created.


Solo Exhibitions

2008 - 'Curved Paths' - MTV Gallery, Sydney, Australia - View summary site >>


Group Exhibitions

2003 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - Adfunture Gallery, Hong Kong

2004 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - Collette, Paris, FR

2004 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, IL

2005 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - Gigantic Brand, New York, NY

2005 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - Iconic Shop, Toronto, CA

2005 - 'The Monkey Show' by Adfunture - The Outside Institute, London, UK

2005 - 'The Commons' by Basefield - Chapel Street Gallery, Melbourne, AU

2005 - 'Toy Saves Children' by Furi Furi - Lapnet Club, Harajuku, Tokyo, JP

2005 - 'Toy Saves Children' by Furi Furi - Comme Ca Commune, Shibuya, Tokyo, JP

2008 - 'Halloween Custom Toy Show' - APW Gallery, New York, NY




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